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Building Management Systems

SENS engineers are experts in designing and implementing Building Management Systems (BMS) that help reduce operating costs, optimize energy efficiency, and maximize building performance and return on investment.

Working alongside clients and their mechanical and electrical consultants, we assess requirements and design a custom solution that improves efficiency and sustainability, while providing property managers with complete control over their systems. Our engineers provide a suite of services, from design and build to installation, testing, commissioning, and servicing.

With a BMS system, clients gain complete monitoring and control over their HVAC systems, lighting, air handling units, electrical power and water distribution, utility metering and billing, and fuel and water reservoir levels. The system can also seamlessly integrate with other systems, such as access control and meeting room booking.

All BMS systems are monitored through the REACH Sustainability Platform, with custom-designed modules to meet each client’s unique requirements.


Energy reduction and cost savings

Optimise energy savings in commercial buildings by up to 30%

Improved comfort

Better control of room temperature, air quality and lighting

Extended asset lifetime

Extend the life of assets through improved maintenance schedules and improve ROI

Facility management

Property Managers can access all systems through one platform providing better management and reduces reactive maintenance.


Reduce your carbon footprint and operate more sustainably through optimised energy management and building operations

BMS visibility through REACHTM

Understand energy consumption in your business and operate your hotel or commercial building more profitably.

  • Monitor and control energy consumption and measure savings in real time
  • Understand consumption trends to identify opportunities for reduction
  • Real-time notifications on equipment malfunction
  • Bill tenants or internal departments on their utility consumption
  • Integrate SENS BMS with your existing enterprise software
  • Administer technical audits for property compliance standards
  • Forecast and budget consumption from historic and current data

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