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Guest Room Management Solutions

SENS specializes in providing Guest Room Management Solutions (GRMS) that help hotels offer guests the highest level of comfort and luxury.

Our GRMS system allows for full control of lighting, curtains, shutters, and integrated heating elements, while always keeping energy management at the forefront of our solution. With SENS, hotels can offer their guests a top-quality experience while also ensuring that energy usage is optimized.

Retrofit GRMS

No need to replace, but upgrade.

We specialise in retrofit GRMS that seamlessly integrates with your existing switches, regardless of the supplier. Our technology allows us to deliver GRMS functionality while also optimizing energy management. Our solutions can be easily retrofitted to air conditioning systems that have basic controls, or even to existing GRMS equipment. This minimizes disruption and allows for further cost savings. With SENS, you can upgrade your existing infrastructure without the need for costly and time-consuming replacements.

Our GRMS system can also integrate with

  • Door Locks  – to achieve higher savings and control
  • Property Management System (PMS) – System allows different energy profiles to be managed in unsold rooms
  • Electronic Safes – Alert guests on check-out if the guest room safe has not  been re-opened
Benefits of GRMS

Full GRMS functionality with energy savings in-built

Keep your existing switches and compatibility with any third party switches

Retrofit solution - Cost effective and minimal disruption

Get real-time visibility via REACHTM – gain control and take immediate actions

Flexible and modular - adapts to various types of brands and adds on to other expansion modules

Encrypted and secured system

Future proof technology - upgrade and add on to existing system

Different Energy Profiles in unsold rooms

GRMS visibility through REACHTM

By integrating GRMS with the REACHTM sustainability platform, SENS provides hotel management with complete visibility and control over their systems. This integration enables hotel management to monitor and make informed decisions about energy usage, and manage their systems to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency.

  • A complete management tool for sustainable hotel operations
  • Different profiles and dashboards for hotel staff by role or function
  • Monitor and identify opportunities for energy optimisation and savings
  • Accurate and real time readings
  • Detect issues for maintenance and intervention
  • Understand the real ROI of room energy management

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