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Room Energy Management systems

REMS is an energy management system for hotels, commercial buildings and marine assets that increases energy efficiency by cutting on energy wastage and associated costs when rooms are not occupied.

Designed for retrofit or for new build projects, REMS gives the property manager the ability to control energy requirements to meet guest comfort prerequisites, seasonality, occupancy fluctuations, and operational requirements that affect energy efficiency.

The REMS system utilizes both occupancy and presence detection to identify the status of the room and adjust the settings accordingly. This allows the system to turn off or set back appliances that have been left on without compromising guest comfort or the aesthetics of the room. With the REMS system, guest room comfort is maintained at the highest energy efficiency, which can lead to up to a 35% reduction in energy consumption.


Energy reduction and cost savings

Visibility, access and control over Cloud

High level security features

Flexible & Modular

Cost effective & Profitable


Our energy management solutions are aimed at reducing to a minimum energy wastage and turning loses into cost savings. For every project we typically target: 

  • Savings of between 25% and 35% on energy consumption
  • Payback within 24 to 30 months
  • Return On Investment of 12-15% per annum over 7 years.

Our solutions help you achieve your sustainability goals with profitability in mind. Monitor in real time energy savings and money saved through the REACHTM sustainability platform. 


At the core of the energy management system lies our custom designed IoT controller. These controllers are responsible for adjusting a room’s AC and lighting functions whenever the room is unoccupied or when an aperture is open, effectively eliminating any unnecessary energy consumption. We offer a wide range of controllers that are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of different commercial properties, ranging from basic HVAC control to more advanced controllers that provide complete control over lighting, switches, curtains, shutter control, and heating elements.


We understand that security of the property, operational systems and guests is critical. That is why our system is built around AES 128/256 Encryption and SSL transmission to the cloud to ensure the highest standards of security.

  • WiFi or Ethernet
  • Sub-1GHz (868MHz)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Modbus RTU/TCP-IP
  • DALI2.0
  • Door locks and Safes via Zigbee/BLE
  • Property Management System (PMS)

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